Restaurant Recipes – Why Do Restaurant Recipes Really Taste Better?

Does anyone really know why restaurant recipes taste better than conventional recipes? What do professional chefs know that the rest of us don’t know? I will explore these questions to help you recreate many of your favorite restaurant recipes. There are steps you can take at home to achieve the same high quality results that professional chefs achieve.

Restaurant recipes often taste better because of the high quality of ingredients they use. They usually order bulk quantities from wholesale food companies. While it would not be very practical to do this at home, we can mimic the quality of their dishes by shopping only at grocery stores that carry fresh produce, meats, breads and dairy products. A good quality grocery store will have employees in each department available to assist customers with their selections and answer any questions they have.

Restaurant chefs are trained for their jobs. Also remember that they cook the same dishes over and over, so they get a great deal of practise preparing meals with just the right combinations of flavors and textures. We can also achieve perfection at home by testing our restaurant recipes before serving them on special occasions. Then we can make notes on a copy of the original recipe (or even rewrite the original recipe), so we will remember how to prepare it when we serve our special dinner guests.

Many restaurants have signature dishes which are the menu items that have made them famous and help to keep them in business. Usually the chefs perfect these dishes with the finest ingredients and sometimes even acquire trademark names on them so they cannot be copied. We can mimic the quality of signature restaurant dishes by creating our own at home. Just select several of your favorite personal recipes; purchase the freshest ingredients and take notes while cooking them. Perhaps you added more wine or garlic and the end result was a big improvement on the original recipe. Write it down so you can create your own signature dish!