Secret Chef Recipes Can Be Found On The Internet – My Children and I Copied Them In Our Own Home

I’m not a chef. I thought I would just tell you that straight away. Although, I can and have, followed simple recipes.

Thomas and Lucy – my two children, love to go out and they love restaurant food. However, we don’t always want to go out. It can prove to be expensive, although enjoyable. It is difficult sometimes to balance all requirements. Wondering how to do it, I stumbled upon good sites on the internet with famous restaurant chef recipes that were easy to follow, and ‘that we liked’.

It used to be that you couldn’t find your favourite restaurant recipes, ‘safely guarded secrets that made sure that you took your family to eat out at their favorite restaurant’. Not anymore! You can even try some out for free to see how you get on!

The difference between the sites I found was that the step by step cooking instructions were very simple and easy to follow, as I said I am no chef, but even I can follow them and the result is even the same as the restaurant there from, which if I say is pretty good, anyway go and have a look and see what you think, then get your children to make you a restaurant meal! I would keep a watchful eye on them unless they are old enough to leave on their own though!

Cooking can be fun and getting the whole family involved is even better, ones they see how the meals e cooked it makes them enjoy them more.