Restaurant Recipes – Why Do Restaurant Recipes Really Taste Better?

Does anyone really know why restaurant recipes taste better than conventional recipes? What do professional chefs know that the rest of us don’t know? I will explore these questions to help you recreate many of your favorite restaurant recipes. There are steps you can take at home to achieve the same high quality results that professional chefs achieve.

Restaurant recipes often taste better because of the high quality of ingredients they use. They usually order bulk quantities from wholesale food companies. While it would not be very practical to do this at home, we can mimic the quality of their dishes by shopping only at grocery stores that carry fresh produce, meats, breads and dairy products. A good quality grocery store will have employees in each department available to assist customers with their selections and answer any questions they have.

Restaurant chefs are trained for their jobs. Also remember that they cook the same dishes over and over, so they get a great deal of practise preparing meals with just the right combinations of flavors and textures. We can also achieve perfection at home by testing our restaurant recipes before serving them on special occasions. Then we can make notes on a copy of the original recipe (or even rewrite the original recipe), so we will remember how to prepare it when we serve our special dinner guests.

Many restaurants have signature dishes which are the menu items that have made them famous and help to keep them in business. Usually the chefs perfect these dishes with the finest ingredients and sometimes even acquire trademark names on them so they cannot be copied. We can mimic the quality of signature restaurant dishes by creating our own at home. Just select several of your favorite personal recipes; purchase the freshest ingredients and take notes while cooking them. Perhaps you added more wine or garlic and the end result was a big improvement on the original recipe. Write it down so you can create your own signature dish!

Pampered Chef Recipes

Pampered Chef Recipes are recipes for adventurous cooks. There is a website where you can join and look at thousands of interesting recipes. I refer many people to the website for their recipes. Pampered Chef recipes are scrumptious. The recipes are split into Appetisers and Snacks, Beverages, Breakfast and Brunch, Cooking Methods, Crafts, Desserts, Especially For Kids, Holiday, Main Dishes, Preparation Time and Side Dishes. There are many dinner recipes that are less than 500 calories per person. Each of their recipes that I produced was scrummy and you are given details of their nutrient content.

The recipes are not costly, and you have to make with fresh products, which aid a healthy diet, but are more expensive than cheaper processed foods. I use these recipes during important occasions such as dinner parties, birthday meals, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, 4th July. In fact I look for any excuse to use these recipes, they are so good!

Pampered Chef recipes are provided by a group of experts who are employed by the business. Recipes are given to their web page every day. Apart from the cooks from the company producing and providing the recipes to the business’s homepage, you can also find additional information on the net. On my blog I have provided some examples of recipes from their website. As a chef I know the importance of balancing good wholesome food with color, taste, texture and nutrition. These recipes deal with all these principles. There are also recipes for special diets, such as diabetes and celiacs. So, are you feeling adventurous or just looking for a change? A lot of the recipes are very straightforward and can be prepared with the minimum of cooking experience.

Don’t forget, apart from these recipes providing an eating experience, they also provide you with all the essential nutrients, such as protein, carbohydrate, fats, vitamins, minerals and water, which we need on a regular basis to remain hydrated.

One of the recipes I have included is Fried Chicken Salad which uses fresh ingredients such as iceberg lettuce, cucumber, green pepper, baby tomatoes, radishes, onions and ranch dressing. Now how about that for fresh salad ingredients!

Becoming a Chef

So you watch Food channels on television, you read Gourmet magazines and fancy cookbooks and think you could become a Chef. The food channels are great for inspiration for the home cook who is only cooking for 4 but in reality it is very far removed from a commercial working kitchen. Becoming a Chef is not for the faint hearted, of course that is dependable on where you wish to work for example, a cafe or a 5 star hotel. Also it depends on what kind of Chef you want to become, a restaurant Chef, or a personal Chef, or what kind of area you wish to specialize in, desserts, pan work, buffet work,or a la carte. The areas for specialization are endless, these days however a Chef has general knowledge and experience in all areas but can have a passion or strength for a particular niche and this can become their trademark or point of difference when applying for a job.

Being a Chef requires a lot of special attributes that may not be required at other jobs. For starters you have to be able to stand on your feet for long periods of time, so covered sturdy shoes are a must, in fact covered shoes are a safety regulation and you would never be able to enter a kitchen without them. You have to be able to stand the heat in the kitchen, so when someone says “if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen” that is exactly true. You will also experience loud noises, people yelling and sometimes in the heat of the moment fellow staff saying things they regret because they are under pressure. A busy kitchen is a stressful place to work in for everyone involved.

When a kitchen is churning out 500 meals a day that’s a lot of pressure on everybody. If you’re a sensitive type then a fast paced kitchen is probably not for you, as you would be easily offended. I remember when I was working as a prep Chef and the Sous Chef would whack you on the leg or push you aside if you were in his way. He obviously didn’t have time or the manners to say “excuse me”, but the kitchen staff got used to it and we learned not to take offence, that was just the way he worked. Usually in the kitchen, everyone works at a fast pace during service, things might be said that under normal circumstances wouldn’t be, tempers can get heated, but staff all have the same goal, to create a beautiful meal, and have it served in minimum time all without mishap. There is no time for petty arguments, or grudges, everyone has to pull together in order to have a co-operative working kitchen.

Then when the service is over that is the time for apologies between staff, maybe debriefing, differences aired, and opinions given, then everything is back to normal until the next service. Though it can be a fast paced job at times, it can be so rewarding. The skills learnt are with you for life and you’ll never be without a job, as people always have money to eat out and that’s just the cooking skills you will acquire. Other skills obtained along the way can be many, these can include:

1. Ability to work under pressure.
2. Creativity, as you work with food and put your own creative flair on it, that becomes a very satisfying skill.
3. Adapting to different environments, in a kitchen you may move from station to station, or maybe hot to cold.
4. Adapting recipes,learning ways to improvise without affecting the end result.
5. Costing recipes, of course you want to be making money on everything that is produced in the kitchen.
6. Interpersonal and communication skills as you will have to communicate with suppliers and staff
7. Negotiating skills, as you meet with suppliers to get the best deal.

These are just some of the skills you can acquire as you learn to become a Chef.

The friendships you make are life long, Chef’s are very loyal to one another as only they realize the commitment and long hours that go into the job. Chef’s usually socialise out of work as they keep similar work hours. The opportunity to use your creative skills with food is apparent. If you have a passion for food and for cooking then your almost there. However, it would pay to get some kind of formal training, though in saying that experience counts for a lot, but it’s a good idea to know hygiene regulations regarding food and basic cooking skills and techniques. There are many training schools for Chefs around the country.

There are some questions you need to ask yourself. What area do you want to specialize in? Do you wish to become a Head Chef one day? Do you wish to run your own catering business?
How committed can you be? Do you have the support of your family? Any Chef will tell you, a Chef’s life is not very family orientated, as they mostly work nights and weekends and most holidays.
There are ways you can find out if this is for you. Cook for friends, have dinner parties.

Get them to honestly critique your food. This way you can truly find out if you have got what it takes. There are many cookbooks and restaurant recipes that you can get hold of to practice with. Be creative in your cooking, use a basic recipe and add your own signature, you may create a delicious dish from this. Most importantly, be passionate about cooking, your creating something that people will love from a list of ingredients. Go for it! Being a Chef can be a most rewarding career.